Getting Started 

What is iFaxpipe?
We are a local based copier/fax company with server capabilities to automate your faxing in-bound and out-bound communications.

What can iFaxpipe do for me?
Improve you document flow by offering new state of the art communication measures that lead to cheaper but better faxing.

Are there any fees for iFaxpipe?
We offer 12, 24, and 36 month plans starting at $7.95 to $20.95 per month

How do I sign up?
You can visit our web sign up request link here, or just call us (360.578.2100) and we'll come explain the benefits to you sitting in your own office. We're local...!

Will I receive confirmation after signing up?
Yes, you will get two conformation eMails along with a sign-up order hand written so you understand everything. Again, we are local and we want to see you and understand your faxing situation.

What equipment do I need?
A PC connected to the internet...that's it. If you want to fax with an MFP or scanner we can add your devices to your authenticated addresses by embedding a device eMail address. this service does come with an extra charge as we visit your office to program your device.

Do I still need a stand-alone fax machine?
Nope, not anymore...! no paper, no line charge, no toner out, no drum units....!

Do I have to download software?
No, only if you sign up for the iNotify service which is provided by iFaxpipe. This service is a small program that notifies you when you have received a fax. This service is optional.

Can I use iFaxpipe to send faxes?
Yes, we give you a simple "to" string of code and Wah-Lah you're sending over the internet to all your regularly faxed to numbers. You can even add you're most frequently used numbers in your address book which makes faxing that much easier.

Can I use iFaxpipe to receive faxes?
Yes, instead of walking to your fax to retrieve a document now you'll open your iFaxpipe account and view, print, forward, or archive a received fax. 

Can I choose a different fax number when I sign up?
Yes, or you can move your current number. the process takes about three weeks and we can even give you a forwarding number so you don't miss any faxes.

How do I make changes to my account?
Simple, any eMail based moves you can make yourself with you're "options" button within your iFaxpipe eMail account. Or, any major account changes we make for you, no charge.

How do I check my messages?
Log into your iFaxpipe eMail account. One user name and one password....done.

Does my PC need to be "on" to receive faxes by email?
No, unlike your fax sitting there burning electricity and O-zone, you're iFaxpipe account is working 24-7 waiting till you'er next fax arrives.