ULA (User License Agreement)Terms and Conditions

IFaxpipe.com Customer Agreement
This agreement is between you (“you” or “Customer”) and IFaxpipe.com, iFaxpipe, Office Systems known herein in and refrred to as ifaxpipe. Usage of the IFaxpipe.com website, services, and products (hereinafter called IFaxpipe.com ) signifies acceptance and agreement of these terms.
You agree that your usage of IFaxpipe.com will not be used in any method, form or manner for any illegal, harassive or abusive practices. The manner in which IFaxpipe.com is used is subject to all local, station, national and international regulations and laws. Full cooperation with law enforcement agencies will be provided by IFaxpipe.com . You are personally responsible for any and all materials that are transmitted using IFaxpipe.com at all times, and IFaxpipe.com is not responsible for such misusage.
IFaxpipe.com retains the right to update this agreement at any time deemed necessary and will notify all present users of such changes prior to going into effect so that full compliance is possible. This includes changes to pricing, terms and usages, acceptable usages and even this agreement itself.
You are required to provide the internet access, e-mail services and all other required equipment necessary to utilize the IFaxpipe.com services. We will not be responsible for providing these services or hardware at any time.

Data Storage
IFaxpipe.com , will store all fax messages received in connection with your account as long as the account is active for free up to 15 days unless a DOCbox account add on feature has been activated for use. Then document storage is held for an unlimited amount of time. If your account is terminated at any point, IFaxpipe.com can delete all the stored faxes with no customer recourse of retrieving them. A fee for transfereing stored documents will apply if customer seeks stored documents. This fee will be $3.00 per page. We are not responsible for storing any faxes that you delete from your account; we are only responsible for the storage of faxes that are kept on the IFaxpipe.com servers. Should you activate a DOCbox account and not pay your invoice for this or other services iFaxpipe may hold your documents until payment is made to bring your account to current status.
IFaxpipe.com accepts no responsibility, nor any liability for the storage, deletion, erasure, or loss of any of the faxes or documents that are stored on the IFaxpipe.com servers or our thord party partners.
Privacy Policy
IFaxpipe.com is committed to the goal of building and establishing a relationship with customers based on trust and additionally respect for all personal information, and personal documents that are stored, transmitted or received using the IFaxpipe.com servers or our third party partner co-servers. We will not under any circumstances release to anyone any information about your account, or the contents of your account that is held on the IFaxpipe.com services unless required by law to turn over the information. Additionally, we will not pass along, sell, or transfer your contact information to other businesses, companies, or people without your permission.
Support and service beit phone or eMail based support will be provided by Office Systems personnel on a Monday to Friday weekly basis during the hours of regular business which are 8:00am to 5:00pm. Some holidays are excluded from the afore mentioned time and day schedule. Suport can be contacted at:  postsupport@ifaxpipe.com
Customer Responsibilities
As a customer of IFaxpipe.com , you fully agree that you are responsible for all faxes that are transmitted to and from you through the usage of the IFaxpipe.com services. IFaxpipe.com simply provides the appropriate hardware, software and infrastructure to allow you to send and receive faxes and are in no way responsible for the method, manner or way in which you utilize the services. Additionally, you are fully responsible for your usage and required to adhere to the terms and conditions of this site, as well as all applicable local, state, national as well as international regulations, laws and policies regarding your usage of the IFaxpipe.com site and services. If you the customer lose internet service this is no reason that breech of this agreement is justified. You guarantee an uninterrupted stream of the agreed upon monies even in the event you lose internet services.
As a customer you explicitly agree that you will comply and adhere to all laws relating to the transmission of information exported and imported to all countries that are contacted; as well as agree to only use the IFaxpipe.com services for legally appropriate activities and refrain from using the IFaxpipe.com services in either whole or part for the purpose of illegal activity; as well as agree to not purposefully or willfully attempt to disrupt service to the IFaxpipe.com servers either knowingly or accidently, as well as agree to comply with all local, state, national, and international laws, policies and regulations for the fax services, as well as agree to not utilize the IFaxpipe.com services to transmit any information or materials that violate the copyright of someone; nor to use the IFaxpipe.com services in a manner that will promote the usage of unlawful behavior, harassing purposes, libelous claims, abusive, threatening, obscene, or even vulgar content and materials.
Additionally, as a customer of IFaxpipe.com you agree not to use the IFaxpipe.com services to transmit either directly or indirectly, spam, chain letters, junk faxes, or any other misusage of the IFaxpipe.com services. Should you breech this your account will all charges current and future become due in full, this includes the full term of any multi month term contract or agreement. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain any and all hardware and software needed to connect to the IFaxpipe.com system (excluding iNoify). If customer activates an iNotify software add on service the customer is responsible for assuring their computer or network they use can accommodate this software. This includes internet access, a computer, e-mail access and any other requirements for using the service. Additionally, the customer bears the sole responsibility for any upfront costs, as well as any ongoing costs associated with these requirements to use the IFaxpipe.com services. Loss of customer internet service does not constitute a reason for not abiding by the terms of this agreement or the general agreement. Your account will still be billed under the terms of this agreement or the general agreement. You agree that failure to follow this agreement constitutes a Breach of Contract and permits IFaxpipe.com to cancel your services without advanced warning or notice, or may bill your account if full for all current and future contracted services.
Termination of Services
At any time iFaxpipe.com may terminate your account either with or without cause, upon sufficient notice(10 days). You must notify IFaxpipe.com by email or phone call that you want to cancel your account. There is no pro-rated refund for monthly subscribers and your cancellation is taken effect immediately. Cancelling your account will terminate any obligation that IFaxpipe.com has to provide you with access to any of the services including the fax number, search functions, storage functions, as well as any other services offered.
If you are found to be abusing the services of IFaxpipe.com , we may at our sole discretion terminate your account. Additionally, your account can and will be terminated for non-payment of the fees associated with your account. Termination of your account based on a decision by IFaxpipe.com will terminated your access to the IFaxpipe.com services, including the fax number, storage functions, as well as any other services offered.
Customer Representations
All customers of IFaxpipe.com agree and warrant that they are a minimum of 18 years old,. Additionally, as a customer, you agree and warrant that you possess a legal right to enter into this customer agreement, and are financially responsible for the services that you use, as well as the safety and security of the account from misusage from others who may have, or may obtain your account information.

Customer Agreement Modifications
As necessary to protect customers and IFaxpipe.com directly, it may be necessary to modify this agreement. Changes to the agreement will be posted on the IFaxpipe.com website, as well as proper notification sent to all customers via the e-mail address provided to IFaxpipe.com . iFaxpipe.com may now at the time of this acceptance or in the future use such co-server partners as faxage.com or onesuite.com or other cloud or server based services as redundancy sources or cloud-parsed server services or co-server services. You are personally responsible for reviewing the website periodically in the event that an e-mail is not received and IFaxpipe.com holds no responsibility if notification does not reach you.

Third party goods and services
In many cases, we provide the services of third parties, or our services in conjunction with those of third parties including (without limitation) network providers.
In those cases, the following conditions apply:
We provide such services subject to the terms, conditions and limitations imposed by those third parties. If those third parties change, suspend or stop providing such services, we may similarly change, suspend or stop providing the services to you without notice. We may nevertheless try to provide such a service in another way or by using another third party. You authorize us to provide any of your information to those third parties to the extent that it may be necessary to enable the third parties and ourselves to provide the services to you. You indemnify us against any damages (as defined in the section headed “Limitation of liability and indemnity” above) howsoever arising from your acquisition and use of the third party goods, software or service.
We may reject or refuse any third party service used by you in conjunction with our service.

Service Modifications
As required to ensure the best service to all customers of the IFaxpipe.com services, it may be necessary to change the services that are offered. This includes modifications, additions, removals and discontinuations. We will do our best to notify customers in advance, but due to restrictions, it may not be always possible to provide advanced notice. IFaxpipe.com is not responsible for any damages as a result of these changes.
Member Account and Security
As a customer of IFaxpipe.com , you are responsible for the security of your personal account information. This includes your contact information, account password, and user name, as well as fax number assigned to you for usage. In the event of a breach of security, you are to immediately notify IFaxpipe.com so that appropriate actions can be taken to protect your account and all information. 
As a IFaxpipe.com customer, you agree to pay all charges associated with the services that you use. This includes receiving and sending faxes above your plan's allowed usage, and any additional services obtained. You additionally agree that failure to submit the appropriate charges for the services by the date due will make your account delinquent. If your account becomes delinquent, it can be suspended or cancelled at the option of IFaxpipe.com at any time.
Payment of fees is done on a term monthly or an annual basis, in accordance with the payment plan selected upon account creation (see your original order form and general activation agreement). This is a non-cancelable agreement. Additionally, any fees forfeited as a result of account termination due to breach of this customer agreement are also NON-REFUNDABLE.
Termination of Services (Non-Payment)
IFaxpipe.com will upon determination and within the confines of any applicable laws, terminate any account that is not kept current on fees owed. Any account that is delinquent or suspended for non-payment of appropriate fees can be cancelled or terminated at any time, following the account falling delinquent. This is exercised at iFaxpipe.com’s discretion. 
As a customer of IFaxpipe.com , you agree to indemnify IFaxpipe.com and all representatives, service providers and employees from any and all forms of liability, expenses, and damages that may result from using the IFaxpipe.com services. This includes any and all legal fees including attorney’s fees.
IFaxpipe.com will send all notifications to you in relation to you account, account services, and also any account changes. This information will only be sent to the main eMail address registered with iFaxpipe.com. Notices that are sent will be from an authorized representative of IFaxpipe.com , and will constitute as official notice of any changes that occur. iFaxpipe may use third party partners or co-server companies for out-bound and in-bound services. You may not contract or contact these parties. If you do termination may be enacted by iFaxpipe and all monies owed by multiplying the balance of the amount of month(s) left will be due within 10 days of your termination. Termination for these reasons will be sent vis USPS certified letter by iFaxpipe.
Any notices that you are giving to IFaxpipe.com must be done via e-mail to the authorized e-mail address. IFaxpipe.com does reserve the right to verify the information in any notices we receive to ensure their authority and ensure account safety.

I accept and agree to these terms and condidtions

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