Reliability you can count on. Don't worry about it.

The iFaxpipe platform has been designed to ensure that you’ll never have to worry about losing an important fax, compromising confidentiality, or wondering if your fax made it through successfully. iFaxpipe is trusted by some of the SW Washington's largest businesses in financial services, security firms, healthcare, insurance and legal services.

You’ll never have to worry about your fax service ever again!

So easy to use. You’ll never think about faxes again.

You'll receive your faxes as a PDF  file attached to an email message, with all of its convenient features – viewing, printing, forwarding to another eMail address, and importing into other applications. We can receive an almost unlimited (depending on your chosen plan) number of faxes for you at any time and your number will never show as busy. 

You'll even get SMS alerts to you're cell phone if you wish. You can even apply the free desk top browser alert software that audibly and visually alerts you to a received fax (see plan types for these and other features). 

Never busy. Ever

The iFaxpipe network is designed to never (ever!) deliver busy numbers to customers sending you a fax. We constantly monitor traffic trends, and design each data center (your account) to be independently scaled to exceed the overall peak demand. This means that you can receive simultaneous faxes from multiple senders, all delivered reliably to your inbox without the worry of missed faxes just seconds apart.

Technology that advances. And learns.

iFaxpipe has focused exclusively on fax and copiers since 1993 and remains at the forefront of new technologies and tools to make faxing easier, more reliable, cost effective, and more secure. Advances like our SMS connect® technology adapts transmissions to alert you when you get a fax. Improved successful page completion rates is our stronghold and servers "learn" from past calls to optimize delivery.

The following is a list of browsers that are compatible with iFaxpipe email:
Add to your new faxing future by being able to archive for as long as your own your iFaxpipe account. 

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FREE... incoming fax notification software free to any 24 month plan or longer.
We have you covered END2END:

Our WatchGuard XTM
Security Bundle is a complete unified threat management system that thwarts security threats. With up to 150 Mbps firewall throughput, and dual-band 802.11n technology for reliable and consistant monitoring. In addition Our WatchGuard XTM Security Bundle delivers a full suite of UTM security subscriptions to boost protection in critical attack areas, including Application Control, spamBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Reputation Enabled Defense, WebBlocker, and Intrusion Prevention Service, plus Security Service for support and continual maintenance.