Over-all Secure Faxing

Thinking secure and applying it to your faxing needs is a must. Security is a lot more than just securing information from getting into wrong hands or loss. It's the ability to deliver that information to the right people in a timely manner, and to the right place at the right time. With iFaxpipe SSL fax infrastructure, you can be certain.

"Internet" Fax Security Highlights

We own and operate the iFaxpipe Internet eMail Fax infrastructure. With reception, nothing is outsourced; allowing direct control. Nothing is over-seas, nothing goes off shore....all technologies are USA based.

White listing our preferred data providers and partners is employed to keep SPAM, Fishing, and any security threats out of our server system.

iFaxpipe reception systems are configured in a redundant and backed configuration. This ensures not only important reliability but 24-7 up-time for your received faxes. Always on...never busy. 

Encryption to protect against looking-in, and eavesdropping. No more does a fax sit in its exit tray for anybody to view, read, or worse.....do ill with the information. 

Our leading iFaxpipe.com technical means are capable of supporting SOX, HIPAA, and GLB requirements.

Technology that advances. And learns.

iFaxpipe has focused exclusively on fax and copiers since 1993 and remains at the forefront of new technologies and tools to make faxing easier, more reliable, cost effective, and more secure. Advances like our SMS connect® technology adapts transmissions to alert you when you get a fax. Improved successful page completion rates is our stronghold and servers "learn" from past calls to optimize delivery.

We have you covered END2END:

Our WatchGuard XTM
Security Bundle is a complete unified threat management system that thwarts security threats. With up to 150 Mbps firewall throughput, and dual-band 802.11n technology for reliable and consistant monitoring. In addition Our WatchGuard XTM Security Bundle delivers a full suite of UTM security subscriptions to boost protection in critical attack areas, including Application Control, spamBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Reputation Enabled Defense, WebBlocker, and Intrusion Prevention Service, plus Security Service for support and continual maintenance.

Secure Solutions for: 
• Healthcare information 
• Financial transactions 
• Loan applications 
• Governmental and Regulatory 
• Legal documents 
• Confidential information 
• And all the basic to advanced needs of your business....most importantly

Technical security information

We take every reasonable and practical step to protect you and your data.

• All documents sent through iFaxpipe.com, are encrypted with full 256-bit SSL security and 
AES algorithms. Reception files are kept on-site in down town Longview

Password protected
• Your documents and data are password protected, and no one can access your data unless you grant them permission. All passwords and sensitive account data are encrypted with RSA keys and other techniques.

Secured facility
• Our servers are housed in concrete building within a cement block server room kept at optimum temperature for proper server operations. We are a type I secured facility with redundant hardware, power and Internet connectivity. We bill locally so you're 100% secure in making all you're transactions safe, secure and worry free.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support for SMTP, POP and IMAP Protocols
You and your firm will connect to the server over SSL, ensuring that out-bound, in-bound, and mail communications between the mail client and iFaxpipe are encrypted.  

Ifaxpipe.com's eMail server has several inbuilt features to help eliminate spam. anti-spam features include PTR record checking, DNS blacklisting, auto-banning of IP addresses, and much more. Ifaxpipe.com is a standards-compatible mail server it can be used with a large variety of third party anti-spam software.  

Extensive security measures and authentication methods protect your mail server from unauthorized access. Features include SMTP Authentication, Integrated Windows Authentication, Relay control.  

SMTP Authentication
SMTP authentication allows users outside of a domain to use that domain as their SMTP server when sending mail. SMTP Authentication requires that users log in with a valid user name and password for that domain before sending mail. SMTP authentication prevents people relaying through the server to send spam.  

POP Before SMTP Authentication
Requires users to access their mailbox first before being authenticated to send messages through iFaxpipe.com. This process means that users have to be verified before being able to access the iFaxpipe.com mail server to send. This is provided as an alternative to users whose email clients do not support SMTP authentication.  

Privacy Policy
Our policy on releasing information is we will not release personal information 
(such as your name, fax number or email address), within your iFaxpipe account or 
any information used to set up your iFaxpipe account (found on our general agreement form) nor information about the people you send faxes to, unless a court order compels us to do so.