Best-In-Class Technology Partners

We partner with the leading vendors in our industry and spend a significant portion of our budget learning about technology and practical ways you can make use of it. Our investment ensures we can deploy a paperless fax solution for you using best practices. We do this so you can spend your time making your core business better.

Our organization constantly evaluates information technology looking for products our clients need in order to be competitive in their respective markets. As we access client needs, this knowledge better equips us to provide you with the tools you need. 
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What is it?
Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of phone, Web, or mobile communication systems. It uses standardized communications protocols to allow fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages.

How it works?  SMS, When your account receives fax you will get a text message to your pre-defined cell number. You may get SMS service on up to three different cell numbers.

What it is?
Archiving within your stored eMail account.

How it works?  All accounts can store any and all documents for 15 days. With an expanded "DOCbox" account feature it can store any and all documents for as long as you own your account.

​What it is?
​INotify is a small non-intrusive desktop windows sys-tray software package that can notify you by sound or display a tray icon that you have a received an incoming fax to your account. 

How it works?  INotify sits in your systray and periodically checks for new email. You can enter as many email accounts as you want even outside of your account. If iNotify finds new mail in your mailbox, it will display a small non-intrusive pop-up window and play the sound of your choice (every account can have its own unique sound).​​

If you are using Mozilla/Firefox©, Netscape™©, or -heaven forbid- Outlook™®©, then you are probably aware that you'll have to have these programs running to get notified of new incoming email.

iNotify is an Email Notifier for Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP written by, Cliff Pennock (see it at: ). It is a small software program that is paid for by for some accounts. Check with your iFaxpipe representative for details on whether your account applys.

What is it?
Pretty simple here. If you have trouble with your recipients reading your numeric information within fax documents (financial, banking, mortgage) going to double the resolution is the right choice for you with hyperFINE service. Every fax will be sent in 600dpi vs. standard 300dpi. No questions on your receiving end about what a "5" or a "6" or a "9", is, or a "3" or a "8" is. At $5.95 per month its a cheap move to quality highRES faxing. Available on all iFaxpipe accounts.

How it works?
iFaxpipe shifts down and takes its time by doubling resolution and time to send. 
With 24 & 36 month plans
offer expires 4-25-2014