Add to your new faxing future by being able to archive for as long as your own your iFaxpipe account. 

Just                    month 

For Unlimited user plans

Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3...
Your PC, laptop,tablet, or even your smart phone can now be a conduit for received faxes and sending or forwarding secure fax transactions.

Works with...
Any computer email client or smart phone

Extra eMail addresses can be added to your account for only $1.00 a month per authenticated address

All documents are received as a PDF file format to your eMail account address.

Forward any and all of you're received faxes to your home eMail address as well. You can even activate your DOCbox account and have save all you're received PDF's indefinitely or as long as you have an account..

Receiving Faxes
Your fax arrives as an email attachment - just click to open as you normally would. You will have already choose whether your account is a toll free incoming number or if you've ported (moved) your original number.

Over-all Secure Faxing

Thinking secure and applying it to your faxing needs is a must. Security is a lot more than just securing information from getting into wrong hands or loss. It's the ability to deliver that information to the right people in a timely manner, and to the right place at the right time. With iFaxpipe fax infrastructure, you can be certain.

"Internet" Fax Security Highlights
We own and operate the iFaxpipe Internet eMail/fax infrastructure system. With reception, nothing is outsourced; allowing direct control. Nothing is over-seas, nothing goes off shore....all technologies are USA based.

iFaxpipe reception systems are configured in a redundant and backed configuration. This ensures not only important reliability but 24-7 up-time for your received faxes. Always on...never busy. 

Encryption to protect against looking-in, and eavesdropping. No more does a fax sit in its exit tray for anybody to view, read, or ill with the information. 

Our leading technical means are capable of supporting SOX, HIPAA, and GLB requirements.
Our Email Fax Service in highlights...

Outgoing faxes can be sent from any email client by addressing an email to - for example, to send a fax to 303-555-1212. 

​Sending an email to a fax machine is easy, and so is receiving a fax from email. It involves only the familiar steps of composing an email or opening an email.  It's easy to manage and track all of the faxes you receive, with your iFaxpipe email account as a notification system and a backup for your stored faxes (DOCBox is an add-on feature for only $2.95 per month).

You can send multiple documents to multiple recipients, all in a single send operation. That's wayahead of the traditional faxing method.

The eMail servers and co-servers automatically support SSL/TLS encrypted email transport.

No fax machine required! 
  With iFaxpipe, you can send and receive faxes through email. Our email fax service allows you to receive faxes as PDF attachments in emails, and you can also transmit to any fax machine from your email account.

​There is only an additional charge for additional emails (under the terms of the "unlimited" plans) of $1.00 per address. Simply address an email to, (Example: attach your file(s) and send the email!

Sending Faxes
Email: Address your email to (faxnumber) and attach your document(s) to the email. We'll send your fax and deliver fast confirmation.

24 & 12

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 in advance $286.20

Click the help button to move to the page that explains how iFaxpipe receives a fax.

Click the help button to move to the page that explains how iFaxpipe sends a fax.
24 month term:

24 month "HOME" not available, only in a 36 month contract
24 month 400-free monthly rate is $12.95
24 month Plus-Unlimited monthly rate is $15.95
24 month PRO-Unlimited monthly rate is $17.95

12 month term:

12 month "HOME" not available, only in a 36 month contract
12 month 400-free monthly rate is $15.95
12 month Plus-Unlimited monthly rate is $18.95
12 month PRO-Unlimited monthly rate is $20.95

service on 36
month plans.

service on 24 & 36 month 
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Secure Solutions for: 
• Healthcare information 
• Financial transactions 
• Loan applications 
• Governmental and Regulatory 
• Legal documents 
• Confidential information 
service on 36
month plans.

How much can I save
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How much can I save
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